We will ship anywhere- Across the country Across the ocean, anytime! All we need is just you and your cars for shipping.

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The Most Reliable Shipping Company in the World. We along with our professional drivers assure all of our customers with the highest possible level of service.


Prices vary from company to company. At Al Jadyan Exports our prices are highly competitive and based on our promise to ensure fast, safe, and reliable shipping.

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Everybody hates to wait on the phone for what feels like an eternity to get a simple question answered. At Al jadyan exports, you don’t have to wait. When you do business with us, you always receive the highest quality service..

Welcome to AL JAdyan Exports

Al Jadyan Exports has been in business for many years and has remained small enough to be personal yet large enough to handle the needs of its customers. With an excellent safety records, we have moved all types of cars across the country and across the ocean. Our outstanding reputation for service has made us a leader in the industry. Al Jadyan exports is known for being rofessional, experienced, flexible, versatile and dependable. We are consistently improving our logistics and finding better ways to deliver lower prices. You can trust Al Jadyan Exports absolutely when it comes to honesty and integrity. We do shipping from the States to Libya, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman,Jordan, Egypt, Nigeria And all the Middle East Countries and Africa. Quick, Reliable & Affordable!

Our professional drivers run their own routes all over the United States and have a solid track record: on-time every-time. They are fully licensed and insured. Therefore, you can be assured your car will arrive safely to its destination. Our transport drivers work very hard shipping cars across country many times per year and sometimes in harsh weather conditions. So here is here we separate ourselves from the rest of the car shipping companies. At Al Jadyan Exports, we do:

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Our Services

  • Open Car Transport
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Affordable & Secure Service
  • Auto Auction Car Shipping
  • Door to Door Car Shipping
  • Dealer to Dealer Car Shipping
  • Special Project Auto Shipping
  • Accurate Car Transport Pricing
  • Reliability & Communication
  • Worldwideide Car Shipping Transport
  • Fully liscenced & Insured Drivers
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